Report from Geneva: 9 new chemicals listed for global ban

In marathon meetings that continued into the wee hours of last Saturday morning, governments finally agreed to add nine new toxic chemicals to the Stockholm Convention’s list of Persistent Organic Pollutants for a global ban – including the pesticide lindane.

With your help, we have created a healthier world for current and future generations.

We sent PAN Scientist Karl Tupper to Geneva to work the meeting. He reports that US delegates acknowledged that our letter demanding stronger US leadership in Geneva -- signed last week by over 1,000 of you, our PAN Activists -- had an impact.

Karl reports: “Bringing the voices of concerned citizens to Geneva definitely made a difference. It showed US officials that people care deeply about getting rid of these persistent chemicals, that they are watching what the US does, and they want action now.”

The stories about controlling lice without lindane, submitted by PAN Activists like you across the country, also made a real difference. The week before the Geneva meeting, US officials reversed their previous stand advocating an exemption for lindane shampoos and lotions. They publicly recognized PAN and our network for submitting materials -– including a compilation of the ”no-lindane-needed” stories –- that directly influenced their decision.
While lindane was added to the Convention (production and agricultural use will now end), the push for a pharmaceutical exemption from India and a few other countries was too strong to block. Existing stocks of lindane shampoos and lotions can be used for another 5 years, but we’ll be pushing US officials to move much more quickly to get these dangerous products off the market in the US.

You helped us influence the outcome of the POPs treaty meeting in Geneva. Your engagement and support for PAN is making a difference. Good work, and thank you!

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For details about the Geneva meeting outcome, including the full list of chemicals added, the reaction from Arctic indigenous leaders, and unfortunate loopholes that made it through, click the links below.

PAN/ACAT joint press release: Global chemical treaty adds lindane to ban list

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Associate Press article: Treaty expanded by 9 more dangerous chemicals

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Report from Geneva: 9 new chemicals listed for global ban

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