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We know decision-makers listen to community voices. To make the right decision on lindane, officials at FDA need to hear from parents who refuse to use a pesticide-laden product on their child – and what you’re doing instead.

Your stories will also give Michiganders the real-world evidence and encouragement they’ll need to protect children in their state from lindane this spring.

We’ll then carry your voices with us to Geneva, Switzerland as PAN International makes a final push for a global lindane ban in May.

Here’s your chance to be a big part of this final push, and help protect the Arctic environment and children worldwide. Share your story below and email us directly with your photos and video.

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How did you first learn about the dangers of lindane? How did you choose to beat lice without lindane? Describe what you did and how it worked. Note: Please try to tell your story in two paragraphs or less.

Share your story on how you beat lice without lindane


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