PAN ALERT: Bhopal march fax action!

PAN activists like you joined thousands of people around the world who signed postcards to India's Prime Minister, urging him to meet with Bhopali marchers. Thank you! They are now demonstrating in New Delhi asking the Prime Minister to address their demands.

Now you can put more pressure on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by following up in a massive fax action.

Fax the Prime Minister today: Send a fax by by filling out the form below, demanding that Prime Minister Singh take real action now.

Since February 20th, Bhopal survivors risked their health and livelihoods with a 500-mile walk to Delhi to assert their fundamental rights to justice and a life of dignity and health. Their demands are straightforward, reasonable, and are urged a second time, because promises given by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after the 2006 march to Delhi are yet to be met.

Your support will make a huge difference. Send a free fax direct to the Prime Minister's office to tell him that he MUST meet his promises and end the ongoing disaster in Bhopal.

Sign to send this free fax today: You can put pressure the Prime Minister to meet with the marchers and make good on his promises. Please respond to send a fax as soon as possible, and the use our "tell-a-friend" system to get other to respond.

After you press send, your message will be queued to's web-to-fax system for delivery! Thank you for supporting the people of Bhopal!