PAN ALERT: New Bhopal fax action!

The 2008 march and demonstration for justice by survivors of the 1984 Bhopal pesticide factory disaster has reached a critical stage. Arriving March 28 in New Delhi after walking 500 miles from Bhopal, they have camped out asking to meet with India's Prime Minister. Political pressure and media coverage is building. Your support is needed again to get the Prime Minister to act.

Send a new fax to the Prime Minister today: Send a fax by signing the petition below, demanding that Prime Minister Singh take real action now.

In February and March, PAN activists like you joined concerned people around the world in sending thousands of postcards and faxes to India's Prime Minister. If you already sent a fax or postcard, thank you! This is a new fax: we're asking you to act again. A council of Indian ministers has agreed to pressure Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take action; your fax will add to the momentum.

Each day brings more pressure. Families from Bhopal arrive by train with their children, suffering from birth defects linked to the contamination from the explosion. On May 5, as they approached the Prime Minister's home, 80 were arrested and released, including 52 mothers and children. Their request is simple and fair: that promises given by PM Manmohan Singh after the 2006 march -- for medical care, rehabilitation, clean water and a clean up -- finally be met.

Sign to send this free fax today: You can add pressure on the Prime Minister to make good on his promises.

After you press send, your message will be queued to's web-to-fax system for delivery! Thank you for supporting the people of Bhopal!