Tell U.S. to support safe malaria solutions

Nearly a million people die every year from malaria, most of them African children. April 25th is World Malaria Day, an annual event that brings global attention to the plight of families suffering from this devastating – and preventable - disease. To mark the day in the U.S., PANNA brought together public health and environmental experts to urge the President’s Malaria Initiative to support safe solutions to malaria control, and move away from spraying pesticides like DDT inside people’s homes.

Take Action Now! – Tell Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, leader of the President’s Malaria Initiative, that the U.S. must support malaria control programs that don’t put children’s health at risk.

The U.S. will spend an estimated $5 million over the next three years to support the indoor spraying of DDT in African malaria control programs. African experts from eleven countries met earlier this month in Tanzania, and expressed “serious concern” about the increased use of DDT for malaria control – an increase that defies the Stockholm Convention’s mandate to shift to safer alternatives and eventually stop all DDT use worldwide.

Studies show that DDT is especially dangerous to infants and children, even at very low doses. This antiquated pesticide is a neurodevelopmental and reproductive toxin, and has been linked to low sperm count in men, certain forms of cancer, and diabetes. Safer and more effective alternatives exist, and are being used around the world. These engage communities in controlling mosquito larva, distributing bed nets, and finding and treating malaria cases early and well.

Send your email today! Your voice can help convince the President’s Malaria Initiative to shift spending away from spraying pesticides inside people’s homes.

Thank you for taking action to protect children in Africa to mark World Malaria Day.

Tim Ziemer

Admiral Tim Ziemer, leader of the President’s Malaria Initiative