PAN ALERT: Tell Florida Governor Crist to Take a Stand Against Slavery!

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7 slavery cases in 10 years and the governor's office shows no sign of taking action. Urge Governor Crist to use the full power of his office to end modern-day slavery in Florida fields.

In December, the Department of Justice wrapped up yet another farm labor slavery case in Florida -- the seventh such case in ten years.

Take Action Now! Tell Governor Crist to take a stand against modern-day slavery.

This most recent case involved well over 1,000 workers. Yet, when a reporter called Governor Crist's office about it, the governor declined to comment and instead passed the call off to the spokesperson for Florida's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Terrence McElroy, who -- not once, but twice -- implied that one slavery case per year is somehow no cause for alarm.

By signing below, you'll join farmworkers and consumers from across Florida and the U.S. in telling Governor Crist that now is the time to end slavery in Florida's fields.

The letter calls on Governor Crist to publicly condemn modern-day slavery and to demand that the Florida Tomato Growers' Exchange stop trying to nullify agreements between the Coalition of Imokalee Workers and leading fast-food and supermarket purchasers of Florida tomatoes. These hard-fought agreements improve farmworker wages and address the working conditions that provide the fertile soil in which slavery takes root.

Add your voice to this call and send a message to the governor today!  Thank you for taking action!

Gov. Charlie Crist

Governor of Florida