Tell the Governor: No budget trick on pesticide smog!

In the mid 1990’s, California regulators promised to adopt regulations that would reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from pesticides by 20% below 1990 levels in five air basins by 2005. With the current budget impasse, Republicans are demanding a roll-back in these standards by trying to amend the California state budget legislation. Instead of 20% reductions the budget trailer would lower reductions to only 10% in Ventura and 12% for all other air basins.

Act Now! Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to reject this trailer on the state budget. The health of millions of Californians should not be a budget compromisie.

Pesticides are one of the largest contributors to smog in the San Joaquin Valley and Ventura County, and a major contributor in the Southeast Desert.
Pesticides are highly toxic, causing many farm worker and community poisonings, and VOCs from pesticides contribute to smog and formation of fine particulate matter. The only guaranteed way to reduce pesticide-related smog, particulate matter and toxic emissions is to reduce pesticide use.
Ozone pollution -- commonly called smog -- is a summer time pollutant that damages lung tissue, exacerbates asthma, reduces lung capacity, increases respiratory and cardiovascular hospital admissions, and increases school and work absenteeism. Fine particulate matter is a winter time pollutant that exacerbates asthma and causes death in people with heart or lung disease.
Act Today!  Voice your opposition to this budget trailer and demand that the state legislature protect our health. Californians deserve to breathe clean air.

Thanks for taking action!