PAN Activists Name their Priorities for an Obama Agenda

On November 5th, hundreds of PAN Activists weighed in to share priorities for the new administration. We are inspired by your suggestions and gather strength from your urgency to press for real change.

Here’s what you’ve told us you want from a new administration:

  • A transition to low input, sustainable and organic food production -- a food and farming system that feeds people, slows climate change and creates jobs.
  • Commitment to protecting the health of farmworkers, farm neighbors and children -- and animals and ecosystems -- by warning about the hazards of pesticides, requiring notification of their use, while pushing for reduction and bans of harmful pesticides and toxins.
  • Prioritization of human and environmental health over corporate profits by reigning in transnational corporate power, and restoring scientific integrity to decisions on toxins.

In other words, as one PAN Activist said, we need to be “pressuring the powers that be so that the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are free of poisons.”

President-elect Obama has yet to select one critical appointee who will have the authority to shepherd these priorities into the realities of our lives: the Secretary of Agriculture.

Please email today to share your priorities with the presidential Transition Team. Tell President-Elect Obama’s team your expectations for key values and experience that the Secretary of Agriculture should hold. You may simply submit the sample language PAN has developed, or, for more impact, customize your message before sending.

Please tell a friend to do the same.

Thousands of emails have already shifted Obama’s thinking on who the Secretary of Agriculture should be. Make sure your voice is heard.

Thank you for taking action at this critical time,

Kathryn Gilje, Exective Director

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