PAN ALERT: Protect CA Farmers from Monsanto-style harassment

California's first act to protect farmers from lawsuits and intimidation by corporations promoting genetically engineered crops is close to becoming law. In January, with your help, AB541 passed the State Assembly with an overwhelming majority. Next week it is going to a vote by the full Senate. 

Act Today!  Tell your Senator to protect California farmers: vote YES on AB541.

AB541 will shield farmers against frivolous lawsuits by biotech seed companies that intimidate and harass those who have not been able to prevent the inevitable drift of pollen or seed from genetically engineered plants. The law will level the playing field for farmers accused by Monsanto and other agriculture biotechnology corporations of contract violations, discourage the practice of biotech companies sampling crops without explicit permission from farmers, and litigation based on unverifiable testing results. 

Please e-mail your Senator no later than August 25. The letter below will automatically be sent to your Senator. 

Thank you!

An important Note

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