Get pesticide pollution out of CA’s air

In a last-minute reversal, California regulators have abandoned their commitment to clean the San Joaquin Valley’s air and protect public health from pesticide air pollution. But we can seek enforcement of that commitment through the budget if we act now.

Call on Governor Schwarzenegger >> Urge him to protect farmworker and community health by enforcing pesticide air pollution laws via the state budget.

In 1994 and 1996, the CA Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) promised to meet requirements to reduce emissions from smog-forming pesticides by 20% below 1990 levels in the Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, Ventura, Southeast Desert and South Coast air basins. In their final regulations though, DPR backtracked and only reduced smog-causing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from pesticides by 12% in the San Joaquin Valley instead of the 20% that they promised.

Currently, a part of the state budget called a “trailer” requires enforcement of 20% reductions in the San Joaquin Valley. The Governor needs to hear from you today that he should support this budget trailer and protect the health of Californians.

Take Action Now! Call or email Governor Schwarzenegger today and urge him to support the budget trailer that provides the San Joaquin Valley equal protection of a 20% reduction in pesticide VOC emissions.

Call Governor Schwarzenegger at (916) 445-2841

Sample phone script:   “Hello, My name is [your name] and I live in [your city]. I am calling to ask the Governor to sign and support the budget trailer that requires a 20% reduction in pesticide VOC emissions in the San Joaquin Valley. This is a critical measure to ensure that existing laws to protect public health are properly enforced. All Californians deserve to breathe clean air. Thank you.”

Email the Governor

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Phone: 415.555.5555