CA’s environmental health office is on the budget block

Californians have less than a week to save our state’s most vigilant and vital environmental health agency.

CA’s small and science-driven Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessment (OEHHA) is a unique breed: this state office has an international reputation for following the science in evaluating the health effects of chemicals in our air, water, food and soil – whatever the political fallout.

Act Now! Tell state legislators that OEHHA is too small, and too vital to cut.

“At $8.3 million, OEHHA’s budget is so small that the costs of re-allocating its workload would very nearly offset any savings. The proposed cut is therefore mysterious if considered on its own merits,” explains PAN Senior Scientist, Margaret Reeves. “It's a political move based on OEHHA’s history of actually doing its job.”

OEHHA was the first agency in the world to declare secondhand smoke a breast carcinogen, and on May 29 OEHHA will begin considering the listing of 38 chemicals under California's Proposition 65, including five pesticides (dicofol, methoxychlor, permethrin, tetrachlorvinphos, and triclosan). Such actions put the office at odds with industry ranging from big tobacco to Dow Chemical. OEHHA has also kept its parent regulatory agency, California EPA, honest by insisting upon science-based risk assessments.

Join us in rallying to save OEHHA. Send an email to California’s Budget Conference Committee, asking them to save OEHHA in their June 2nd meeting.

Thank you for taking action to protect California’s environmental health for generations to come.