Tell Syngenta to get serious

Pregnant womanApril – June is atrazine season. It’s also birth defect season. Children conceived during this three-month period have a higher chance of being born with a serious birth defect like spina bifada, cleft palate or Down syndrome.

Birth defect rates have been steadily on the rise in the U.S. for the last two decades. Yet when faced with evidence linking birth defects to in utero atrazine exposure during the spring planting season, Syngenta’s chief scientist responded by positing that “rainfall, lightning strikes and tornadoes” might just as well be the cause.

Statistically significant correlation does not determine causation, but neither is a 3% increase in serious birth defects something with which to play politics or hone talking points. These are serious matters. And apparently, Syngenta needs to be reminded of this fact –- you can do that with a letter to the editor.

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