PAN ALERT: PAN Day of No Pesticides

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It's been 10 years since PAN first declared December 3rd the International Day of No Pesticides.

Every year since, PAN activists around the world have marked the anniversary of the tragic 1984 pesticide plant explosion in Bhopal, India with marches, speeches, report releases, policy demands and personal actions -- all focused on creating a world where disasters like Bhopal will never happen again.

We've made tremendous progress and celebrated victories along the way. In 2008, Bhopalis and their international supporters achieved a breakthrough commitment from the Indian government to finally address the continuing Bhopal tragedy. But there is a long road ahead in every part of the world - to eliminate toxic hazards and transform the food production system.

This December 3rd, we invite you to join the thousands of individuals across the globe taking action to mark PAN's International Day of No Pesticides.

Here are ways you can participate:

Thank you for joining activists around the world to commemorate PAN's International Day of No Pesticides.