PAN ALERT: Join the global fast to support Bhopal Hunger Strike

Nine Bhopal activists, including supporters and survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide disaster and victims of water contamination, began an indefinite fast in New Delhi yesterday, June 10, 2008. This extreme step is being taken after numerous failed attempts to gain the attention of the Prime Minister to the grave situation in Bhopal.

Your Bhopal emails, postcards and fax actions in the last four months helped get a response from the Prime Minister on May 30, but since then he has refused to discuss or commit to a timetable. Now the Bhopalis are asking us to step up the pressure.

Join the Bhopal relay fast: If you are willing and able, your personal fast for a day or part of a day will lend moral support to the strikers in Delhi and add pressure on the Prime Minister.

Please consider donating what you would have spent on food during your fast to the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal -- the global network behind the Delhi demonstration.
We'll send your statement that you are fasting to the Prime Minister.
If possible, organize a fast with your family, faith or activist group. 

Families in India are now literally putting their lives on the line to demand justice -- finally -- for one of the worst pesticide poisoning incidents in history. After their latest silent protest on June 9, police beat many of the Bhopalis, including 6- and 11-year old children. They've been forced once again to a hunger strike to get action.

As a member of PAN's global network of activists, you are helping these community members in their heroic fight for justice in Bhopal. Your support is vitally important to the Indian activists - and it is making a real difference. Creating links between like-minded people around the world is what makes PAN international such a powerful force - thank you for being part of the PAN global team!

Please support the hunger strike: If you are unable to fast, a donation--100% of which will go directly to support the Campaign in India -- will provide encouragement to the hunger strikers.