2 Weeks Left to Tell EPA to Protect Communities from Fumigants

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US EPA is reviewing dangerous fumigant pesticides for re-registration and considering what precautions applicators must take to protect the public from the health hazards of these volatile poisons. EPA is currently soliciting public comment on fumigant re-registrations and your input is needed. You can sign this petition until November 1st.

Take Action now! Sign PAN's petition to EPA to demand the highest safety precautions for fumigant pesticides and help farmers change over to least-toxic soil pest management methods.

Fumigants are among the most toxic pesticides in use today, causing birth defects, cancer, Parkinson's disease and acute poisonings. They are used in large quantities to sterilize soils before planting -- an archaic tool of chemically-reliant industrial agriculture, the antithesis of soil-nurturing sustainable farming. It is time for them to go!

Fumigant drift into communities has resulted in mass poisonings in areas of high use, often causing the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes and sending many to the hospital. Fumigants are also volatile organic compunds (VOCs) that contribute to smog and the resulting respiratory illness.

Sign PAN's petition today -- and please take two more minutes to use the "Tell-a-friend" feature to pass this Alert on to others who will take action to support safer, saner farming.

Some farmers need support to move away from chemical fumigants. In the meantime, we are asking EPA to require generous buffer zones near schools, hospitals, residences and other places where people may be exposed. We are also asking for notification before applications take place for people living and working close to fumigated areas. Please join us in asking US EPA to make these changes in fumigant use.

The fumigant pesticides being reviewed are metam sodium, chloropicrin, methyl bromide, dazomet and Telone. All pose a threat the health of farmworkers and rural residents. We're using a petition to EPA because the Agency has made mass direct emails impossible (the same petition will be submitted on dockets for each of the fumigants). But petitions can make a difference. Please add your name now.

For more information see PAN's Fumgant Campaign Page.