Speak up for Minnesota bees & beekeepers

Save the Bees

Exciting news for bees and beekeepers in Minnesota! There are two bills quickly moving through the legislature, and both are aimed at protecting our favorite pollinators.

The first bill, which was passed by the House earlier this week, defines neonics as “pollinator lethal insecticides” and would bar nurseries from labeling any plants pre-treated with these insecticides as bee-friendly. Right now, if you buy a plant at a nursery, you have no way of knowing whether or not it will harm bees. Not good!

The other bill would provide financial compensation for beekeepers whose colonies die from exposure to pesticides. It would also establish a team of experts to investigate these incidents, and determine the source of exposure.

Pesticides aren’t the only challenge bees face, but they’re a big one. Join the call for more education and more protection in Minnesota!