This farmer took a stand. He deserves our thanks.


ORganic farm sing

Oluf and Debra Johnson are farmers taking a stand against pesticide drift in Paynesville, MN. They’re brave, principled, hard-working and they deserve our support.

Between 1998 and 2008, the Johnson’s fields were contaminated five times by pesticide drift. As a result, they lost their organic farming certification. Oluf -- who was a conventional farmer for 15 years before converting to organic – did everything to protect his crops: he spoke with sprayers and neighbors, he kept his own buffer zones. Finally, in 2009, Oluf filed suit for damages. On February 9th the Johnson's case was heard before the Minnesota State Supreme Court, which will be the highest body of law to rule on pesticide drift as trespass. They expect a ruling by early May.

Meanwhile, we want to thank the Johnsons for taking on a really difficult fight. If they win this case, the precedent set could eventually make a real difference for farmers and rural communities from California to Maine. That kind of vision and courage deserves our thanks.

Please join us in showering Oluf and Debra Johnson with thanks and encouragement as they await their ruling. We’ll deliver your message!

Dear Debra and Oluf Johnson,

We are writing from all over the country to say thank you, and that we’re right there behind you in spirit. We hope you win your case because it is just and will make a difference. But whatever the court decides, we want you both to know that your struggle is meaningful to us. We are many, and we thank you!
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