Tell Senate Leader to block attack on clean water rules


Blue waterway

The rules protecting our water from pesticide contamination are once again under attack. This time, the pesticide lobbyists and their supporters in Congress are using the specter of West Nile virus to try to reopen recently closed loopholes for pesticide use near waterways.

Sign the petition below urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to continue blocking efforts to strip pesticides from the Clean Water Act. So far, Senator Reid has held the line. He needs to know we appreciate — and continue to need — his leadership.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
522 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Reid,

We are writing to thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep our nation’s waterways free from pesticide contamination. Specifically, we appreciate your commitment to keeping the Clean Water Act strong, despite aggressive efforts by the pesticide lobby and some members of Congress to reinstate the recently removed exemptions for pesticide use near waterways.

In recent weeks, those promoting the legislation that would weaken these rules (HR 872) have pointed to the dangers of West Nile Virus as a rationale for loosening the new permit requirements. While we fully agree that West Nile is a serious public health threat and protecting communities should be a top priority, we also know from on-the-ground evidence across the country that pesticide spraying is rarely the most effective approach to controlling this threat – and this issue should not be used as a reason to rollback important protections to our nation’s waterways.

We urge you to continue to stand firm in your commitment to protecting the integrity of the Clean Water Act, one of our nation’s strongest laws protecting the environment and public health.

With thanks,
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