EPA, don’t open the floodgates.


Protect our children

Once again, the latest "safer" generation of pesticides poses more harm to humans than we originally thought. And it seems EPA is turning a blind eye to emerging evidence of the health harms posed by pyrethroids, a widely used class of pesticides linked to developmental delays, endocrine disruption and immune system suppression.

More than 70% of us have already been exposed, with children facing the highest levels. Now EPA is poised to approve even more pyrethroid products and uses. Sign the petition below and send a message to EPA that this class of pesticide poses too much risk to all of us, and especially to kids.

Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC 20460–0001

Re: Docket number EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0746

Dear Administrator Jackson,

We are writing regarding EPA's recent finding that pyrethroid pesticides "do not pose risk concerns for adults or children." We believe independent studies clearly show otherwise, and we strongly urge the agency to reconsider it's current proposal to allow more pyrethroid products on the market.

Given the mounting evidence of health harms, current exposure levels already give cause for concern. A 2010 study on exposure levels found that more than 70% of us have been exposed, with children facing the highest levels.

In recent years, several independent studies have linked pyrethroids with potential health harms, including impacts of low-dose exposure on puberty, and prenatal exposures linked to developmental delays.

In 2006, The Center for for Public Integrity reported that the new, supposedly safer pesticides now lead the pack in terms of number of poisoning incidents reported nationwide, with the number of moderate to serious incidents - more than 6,000 - significantly higher than any other group of bug killers.

We, the undersigned, call on EPA to amend its findings and halt the proliferation of pyrethroid pesticides. Please carefully consider the wealth of independent data showing the health harms they pose, especially to children.

Our children's health is at stake.

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