Pesticide Industry on Trial


Businessman with plants

Known as the 'Big 6', Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont control 74% of the global pesticide market and 49% of the global seed market, making the pesticide/agricultural biotechnology industry one of the most consolidated and powerful sectors in the world. And they know it.

The pesticide industry has a long history of getting away with human rights abuses in part because there is no single set of laws to which they are accountable as global corporations. But basic human rights to life, livelihood and health are agreed upon by all peoples – these are the conditions of our humanity and of a fair society.

The Permanent People's Tribunal, held in Bangalore, India, from December 3 - 6, will bring these corporations to trial for their many human rights violations. We the people must hold corporations to account. Add your name to this global call for justice.

We, the undersigned, recognize that:

‘The Big 6’ pesticide corporations – Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF, and Bayer – have committed and facilitated gross violations of the human rights to health, livelihood and life by producing and promoting reliance on their harmful products.  

These corporations have interfered with democracy, exerting undue influence over government agencies and public universities in order to advance their interests and private research agendas. In the absence of public accountability and transparency, the pesticide industry has come to operate above and outside the law.

We the people must therefore hold these corporations accountable.

We urge the jury of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal to deliver a swift and fitting verdict that will ensure corporate accountability for the Big 6 and protect fundamental human rights from toxic trespass.

Such a verdict would meet these principles:

Human dignity: People need meaningful work at a living wage -- this is called livelihood, and with it comes dignity.  

Health: The right to human health is internationally recognized, and is the condition of a fair society.

Accountability: Governments should strive to serve the interests of their people, and have a basic responsibility to protect the public good – especially against the excesses of corporate greed.
This petition is no longer active.