Stand up for healthy food & farms

California needs a Farm Bill that bolsters our health, agricultural industry, economy, and environment, while keeping equity and sustainability at the forefront. 

We should be leading the nation in supporting small and mid-sized farms, protecting the environment, promoting food safety, ensuring healthy rural economies and improving the nation’s and our state’s health by investing in programs that support more diversified farming and livestock systems, healthy food access, conservation and research.

PAN has joined forces with partners from across the country to help thousands of Californians make their voices heard to our elected officials on critical food and agriculture issues.

Congress is about to make key decisions about food and farm policy. Tell Governor Brown and California’s Congressional delegation to stand up for healthy food and healthy farms today!

As Congress debates budget priorities and writes a new Food and Farm Bill, I urge you to fully support policies, programs and legislation that encourage healthy diets, provide greater access to healthy food and beverages in schools and communities, promote conservation practices on farms, foster the next generation of farmers and ranchers and build thriving local, sustainable food systems. Smart spending policies today will reduce health-care costs, protect local farmland and the environment, create new jobs and generate economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers, rural and urban communities. Please support a new Food and Farm Bill in line with today’s needs. In the last century, the bill successfully ensured an abundant supply of cheap but often lower-quality calories. In this century, it must support healthier diets, promote diverse, sustainable and resilient farming systems and help eliminate hunger.

I urge you to:

Support full funding for programs that increase economic opportunities for small and mid-sized farms and ranches and increase consumers’ access to local, healthful and sustainable/organic food.

Protect and strengthen USDA nutrition assistance programs that fight hunger and improve nutrition.

Increase access to and affordability of healthy foods and beverages in underserved communities and promote healthier diets for all Americans, especially children.

Maintain full funding for agriculture conservation, research and extension programs.
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