Tell EPA to stick to the science on atrazine


Girl drinking waterLast month, thousands of PAN supporters helped us thank innovative farmers who are growing crops without the herbicide atrazine. Thousands more signed onto a letter urging atrazine’s producer, the Syngenta Corporation, to pay attention to studies linking atrazine (their flagship chemical) to birth defects.

Now we need your help urging EPA to keep following the science, and wrap up their atrazine review with swift action to protect children and farm families.



Dear Administrator Jackson,

We are very encouraged that EPA’s science advisers, under your direction, are reexamining the safety of atrazine. Given the fact that more than 150 studies of the health and environmental impacts of this widely used herbicide have been published since your agency’s last review, there can be little doubt about the need for this reevaluation.

As this process draws to a close, we’d like to reinforce the requests we — together with many farmer and farmworker partner groups — put forward to the agency back in early 2010. We firmly believe that meeting these requests will ensure the integrity of the process and rebuild public confidence in the agency’s efforts.

EPA should commit to the following:

(1) Transparency, including full disclosure of all data. All scientific studies supporting the continued registration of atrazine should be made available for public scrutiny.

(2) Swift action, based on the science: If after review the science indicates atrazine is a threat to human health and/or the environment, EPA should take swift and clear action to protect farmers and the public.

(3) Investment in research and green payments for farmers to implement alternatives. There is already science-based concern about the environmental and human health affects of atrazine, — so much so that the EU prohibits use of the pesticide. While the U.S. regulatory process is underway, it is important that programs are mobilized to help farmers adopt the safest alternatives available for effective weed control.

Our health — and more importantly the health of our children and their children — will bear the consequences of your decisions. Thank you for your consideration of our views.

This petition is no longer active.