U.S. stance matters in upcoming POPs treaty meeting

EarthAt the end of April in Geneva, officials from 172 countries will make decisions about toxic chemicals that will affect communities around the world — for generations to come.

U.S. reps should do all they can to stand up to industry pressure for loopholes, and keep the POPs treaty strong. EPA and State Department are taking comments on U.S. positions for the meeting until April 4th. Please sign our petition today.


To: Secretary Clinton & Administrator Jackson

As you prepare for the upcoming Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, we urge you to do all you can to keep the POPs treaty strong, and work against loopholes and delays. Specifically, we urge the U.S. representatives at the meeting to:

* Demand a high burden of proof from countries claiming the need for “critical use” exemptions, and actively oppose such loopholes when alternatives are readily available.

* Support addition of the pesticide endosulfan to Annex A of the treaty without loopholes, delays, or exemptions.

* Support and work to strengthen the ongoing efforts of the Global Alliance for Alternatives to DDT, with particular support for nonchemical integrated vector management approaches to malaria control.

As you know, the POPS problem requires a coordinated, global solution, since these toxic persistent chemicals are prone to long-range, trans-boundary movement. The Stockholm Convention is designed to protect current and future generations — and the environment — from these uniquely dangerous chemicals. Please do all you can in Geneva to keep the treaty strong, moving rapid implementation forward and protecting against loopholes and delays.

Thank you for considering our comments as you finalize your positions for the Geneva meeting.

This petition is no longer active.