Stop endosulfan lobby’s effort to block global ban

Next month in Geneva, the global community will decide whether to ban the dangerous neurotoxic pesticide, endosulfan. Stop the endosulfan lobbyUrge the Indian government to stand up to pressure from endosulfan makers who want to keep their product on the market.

Endosulfan has already been banned or slated for phaseout in dozens of countries (including the U.S.) that have recognized the chemical’s devastating harms to people and the environment. Our partners want to collect 500,000 signatures to deliver to Indian officials by the end of this month urging them to put people’s health before industry profits. Please add your voice to this global effort by signing the petition below.

To:  Minister of Environment & Forests, Government Of India

We, the undersigned urge the Indian government to ban endosulfan and support international action to ban this dangerous pesticide at the upcoming meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

After three year’s review, the panel of scientists on the Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee recommended endosulfan for global ban and listing in Annex A of the Stockholm Convention due to the chemical’s toxicity, persistence and ability to travel on wind and air currents across the globe.

We urge your ministry not to succumb to the pressure of lobbying from chemical companies that manufacture this pesticide, as they are more concerned about their profit than the safety of farmers, farmworkers, communities or consumers. We as responsible citizens will be keenly watching the proceedings both nationally and internationally until this toxic pesticide is phased out. We urge you to put human health before industry profits; please do the right thing.

This petition is no longer active.