Tell White House cancer action plan overdue

Prevent cancerPartner groups across the country are working together to gather tens of thousands of signatures to deliver to President Obama demanding a national cancer prevention plan. Join this national effort to make true cancer prevention a priority. Sign our petition today.


Dear Mr. President,

Your national cancer action plan is overdue.

Last year, we urged you to act swiftly on the recommendations of the President’s Cancer Panel, as outlined in their recent report "Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now".

Since we delivered that message in November, thousands more American men, women and children have been diagnosed with cancer. Anything we can do to prevent this devastating disease must be a national priority.

As you know, the Panel found that the number of human cancers caused by exposure to chemical contaminants has been grossly underestimated, and that our current system for regulating chemicals is failing to adequately protect the public from cancer-causing chemicals.

Please act now on the Panel’s recommendations to identify and remove cancer-causing chemicals from our food, water and air. Use the power of your office to develop a National Cancer Prevention Plan that ensures strong reform of our chemical regulatory systems, and directs the National Cancer Program to invest in true cancer prevention efforts.

Millions of Americans are touched by cancer every year. We look forward to your leadership.

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