Take the Pledge! Commit to vote.

Pledge to voteAcross the country, there’s a lot on the line. In New Hampshire, a law protecting kids from pesticides in schools hangs in the balance. In California, the oil industry is trying to take down our climate change law at the ballot box. And on Capitol Hill, the potential for real progress on chemicals, health and immigration is in jeopardy. The stakes are high.

Commit to vote. Plain and simple. And urge your friends & family to do the same. No matter where you live or what’s on your local ballot, your vote will make a difference.


PLEDGE: I commit to vote on November 2nd. I know my choices at the ballot box will help create a healthy, fair future for our communities, workers and children. I’ll urge at least 3 colleagues, friends or family members to go to the polls too. Our voices matter.
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