Tell Obama DDT is no “Silver Bullet” for malaria

Bednet in AfricaEvery day, children still die of malaria - a devastating disease that is both preventable and curable. Sadly, efforts to invest in real solutions are often derailed by a small, fringe group of interests promoting DDT as a "silver bullet" for malaria control. These are the same people denying climate change and defending Big Tobacco; they must be stopped.

Tell President Obama that the President's Malaria Initiative must invest in safe solutions to malaria, not increase reliance on DDT. Sign by April 22nd and we'll deliver the petition to mark World Malaria Day. Sign the petition below.



Dear President Obama,

To mark World Malaria Day this year, we urge you to direct the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) to invest in the safest and most effective solutions to this devastating disease.

Malaria is both preventable and curable, and the global community must build on the success of those countries that have successfully controlled it. From Mexico to Vietnam to Kenya, the most successful programs are those that rely on community participation and full commitment of the national government to combat the disease. Improved health care infrastructure along with environmental management, widespread use of bednets and other community-specific solutions are key to success.

While we congratulate the PMI on its increased commitment to battle malaria in recent years, we are very concerned that the program has shifted its focus from these proven solutions to increased reliance on Indoor Residual Spraying with long-lasting chemicals, including DDT. From 2008 to 2010, PMI’s budget for IRS in Africa more than doubled, while the budget for bednets grew much less.

Public health officials from around the world have expressed concerns about the harm to human health of the use of DDT for malaria control - see the attached “Pine River Statement.” The World Health Organization (WHO) has committed to helping countries shift away from reliance on DDT, as agreed under the global Stockholm Convention.

Please support WHO’s efforts, and direct the President’s Malaria Initiative to bring its spending in line with the malaria control goals of the global community. Families and communities in Africa and around the world deserve the best solutions to malaria. Thank you.
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