Stand with U.S. farmers against Syngenta

WaterAtrazine is one of the most commonly detected pesticides in U.S. ground and surface water. Syngenta Corporation makes and markets atrazine to farmers in the U.S., but not in its home country, Switzerland.

During U.S. EPA’s review of atrazine in 2003, Syngenta held over 50 private, closed door meetings with regulators. As a result of the EPA's approval, atrazine is used in agriculture throughout the Midwest. Now, millions of American families are exposed to this hazardous chemical.

On March 10, we delivered this petition with 2,751 signatures to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, with copies to leaders of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. Because of your great interest in this issue, we are still collecting signatures. We'll be submitting additional names to Administrator Jackson in the coming weeks. To learn more about our work on Syngenta's atrazine, please visit our webpage Atrazine: Syngenta's Herbicide. Thank you for supporting Midwest farmers, farmworkers and their families!

Lisa P. Jackson,
Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administrator Jackson:

We are writing to you because we are concerned about scientific integrity in the regulatory process, and about the health of our families. We have strong concerns about the safety of the herbicide atrazine, and how Syngenta, its primary manufacturer in the United States, has continued to promote its use to farmers as completely safe. We are also concerned about Syngenta’s track record of manipulating the regulatory process.

Farmers and farmworkers use pesticides regularly. They rely on U.S. EPA to use a transparent pesticide registration process that is guided by science and places protection of human health and the environment above corporate profits. On January 5, Midwest farm organizations wrote to you to urging transparency and public science in your current review of atrazine. We stand with those farmers.

Atrazine is one of the most commonly detected pesticides in U.S. ground and surface water. Such widespread contamination indicates a problem with the chemical, not how it is applied. Further, it is worrisome that a large and growing body of science shows that atrazine is linked to birth defects, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other human health concerns.

We are encouraged that U.S. EPA, under your direction, is reexamining atrazine and has officially opened a new review. To ensure the integrity of the process and rebuild public confidence in the agency’s efforts, we make the following requests.

> The process should be 100% transparent. There should be no closed-door meetings of any kind, especially with industry representatives.

> Publicly-funded and peer reviewed science should be given primary consideration. Studies funded by Syngenta should be discounted in the review process.

> All scientific studies reviewed should be made available for public scrutiny or removed from consideration.

> U.S. EPA should take swift action to protect farmers and the general public if the science indicates atrazine is a threat to human health or the environment.

Our health – and more importantly the health of our children and their children – will bear the consequences of your decision. Thank you for your consideration of our views.

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