Roll back corporate control of the food system

Corporate influence in food systemRight now a handful of companies control most the food we eat. Decades of bad farm policy, unchecked market consolidation and undue corporate influence over science have left agribusiness giants with unprecedented power over our food system. Monsanto is the worst of the worst -- bad news for both farmers and consumers. Now, after years of lax government oversight, the Obama Administration has indicated a willingness to look into the problem.

The Department of Justice is specifically seeking comments and stories about how corporate control affects average people. Your voice really matters!

Directions: The more personalized you make your letter, the bigger your impact will be. The DOJ wants to hear about how you experience Monsanto’s bad corporate behavior. Below are some themes you might elaborate on. We have also provided a customizable letter template below. Your comment can be short and informal; don’t worry about spelling out the connections too precisely. The important thing is to express from your own experience what most concerns you or how you've been affected by corporate consolidation in the food industry. Be honest and speak from your heart.

Themes you might include:

    • Just one company, Monsanto, controls the majority of seeds in the US, and regularly threatens farmers who don't buy its seeds.

    • What's in our food, anyway? And why aren't there decent labels telling you where it grew, what chemicals are on it, and if it's genetically modified?

    • There is a "revolving door" of personnel between corporate lobbyists and government regulators. No wonder corporations aren't held to strict standards.

    • Prices are rising at the supermarket, but you've heard that farmers are struggling -- and big food companies have made record profits this year.

    • Food is grown and raised in ways that are terrible for the environment, with methods that pollute the water, poison the soil, and threaten our long-term food security.

Department of Justice