Petition! Protect Kaua'i from pesticides & GMOs

Fugitive Dust in West Kaua'i GMO fields Urge the Kaua'i County Council to protect our families from exposure to harmful pesticides applied by GMO companies.    

Kaua'i is ground zero for GMO testing and seed development and massive pesticide spraying. The world's largest pesticide and biotech corporations — Syngenta, Dow, Monsanto, BASF and Pioneer (DuPont) — spray many tons of dangerous "restricted use" pesticides. And yet, the public does not know what is being sprayed, when or where it is sprayed. Since GMO companies refuse to disclose, Kaua'i families have no information to protect ourselves from harm. 

GMO fields are sprayed every day with multiple pesticides. These pesticides drift into neighboring homes, schools and farms — putting thousands of Kaua'i residents at risk. Research shows that children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of these chemicals, which can affect reproductive, endocrine, brain and organ functions.

We have a right to know what pesticides are being used on GMO test fields, for the sake of our children and families. 

Sign the petition below and join the campaign! Urge Kaua'i County Councilmembers — JoAnn Yukimura, Jay Furfaro, Mel Rapozo, Nadine Nakamura, Tim Bynum, Ross Kagawa and Gary Hooser — to support protecting Kaua'i families from repeated exposure to hazardous pesticides.

Dear Kaua'i County Councilmembers,

I urge you to protect our children, communities, and natural resources from the harms of hazardous “restricted use” pesticides by the heaviest users on our island — GMO corporations like Syngenta and Pioneer.

Kaua’i people have a right to know:

**What pesticides are being used, where and when they are being used and how much is being used;
**What impacts on our environment and our health are occurring, or are likely to occur, as a result of pesticides being applied by the large industrial agribusinesses on our island;
**The potential impacts of their pesticides drifting into our schoolyards, residences, waters and recreational spaces; and
**What GMOs are being grown on our island and where they are being grown.

I support the banning of open air GMO field testing, along with a thorough and independent study of the local impacts of GMO crop production on our island.

And I support our island’s local farmers who practice malama `aina principles and work with respect for the life of our island’s land, its water and the food security of our island’s people.

Please do the same by casting your vote to protect the children and families of Kaua'i from health-harming pesticides.

Thank you.
This petition is no longer active.