Support farmworkers, today!


Right now, EPA is making final decisions on the changes they will propose for the Worker Protection Standards, the rules intended to protect farmworkers from the harms of pesticides. These rules are weak and unenforced — and long overdue for an overhaul.

The two million farmworkers who plant, tend and harvest the country's produce face pesticide exposure every day in fields and orchards across the country.  Please add your name to the petition below urging policymakers to better protect farmworkers from dangerous pesticides, today.

Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC 20460–0001

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

More than 13 years of delay is just too long. The Worker Protection Standards designed to protect farmworkers from dangerous pesticides have languished in “internal review” since 2000, while farmworkers and their families continue to experience harm.

We urge you to fix these broken rules, strengthening them in ways that are truly protective, including providing farmworkers with the following:

1 - More complete and regular training on health risks of pesticides; safety measures they can take to protect themselves and their families; their employers’ responsibilities to ensure their safety; and their rights as workers. These trainings must be offered more often than the current requirement of every 5 years.

2 - Timely information (in an accessible format), about the timing, location and hazards of specific pesticides used on the farm where they work.

3 - Special protections for pesticide handlers.

4 - Improved enforcement of safety standards at the state level.

We hope the revised Worker Protection Standards are significantly stronger and more effectively protect farmworkers and their families.
This petition is no longer active.