Support labeling GE food. Vote YES on Prop 37!

Support labeling GE food. Vote YES on Prop 37!


Sofia Gatica As the election draws closer, the world's largest pesticide and GE seed corporations — the "Big 6" — are focused on California and working hard to defeat Prop 37, a straight forward ballot initiative that would require genetically engineered food to be labeled. Defeating this initiative is the stated, #1 goal of Big Food this fall.  

Since January, the Big 6 have pumped $19 million into the state, hoping to defeat the labeling effort here as they have in other states and in Congress. But come November, voters get to decide — not corporations or lobbyists. Will you stand up for labeling and transparency, and vote yes on Prop 37?

With up to 80% of non-organic food on grocery store shelves containing GE ingredients, the Big 6 aim keep us in the dark as their profit margins soar. Take the pledge to vote yes on Prop 37.

I support labeling genetically engineered food and will vote yes on Proposition 37 in November.

We have the right to know.
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