Support labeling GE food. Vote YES on Prop 37!


Sofia Gatica As the election draws closer, the world's largest pesticide and GE seed corporations — the "Big 6" — are focused on California and working hard to defeat Prop 37, a straight forward ballot initiative that would require genetically engineered food to be labeled. Defeating this initiative is the stated, #1 goal of Big Food this fall.  

Since January, the Big 6 have pumped $19 million into the state, hoping to defeat the labeling effort here as they have in other states and in Congress. But come November, voters get to decide — not corporations or lobbyists. Will you stand up for labeling and transparency, and vote yes on Prop 37?

With up to 80% of non-organic food on grocery store shelves containing GE ingredients, the Big 6 aim keep us in the dark as their profit margins soar. Take the pledge to vote yes on Prop 37.

I support labeling genetically engineered food and will vote yes on Proposition 37 in November.

We have the right to know.
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