PAN ALERT: Ask Congress to fund new initiatives in the Farm Bill

This week, both the Senate and House Budget Committees will be marking up their respective versions of the U.S. budget for 2008. This budget resolution will determine how much money will be available to the Agriculture Committees for the 2007 Farm Bill that covers the next five years and to the Appropriations Committees for agricultural funding for 2008. 
Take Action Now! Let Congress know you want to support sustainable agriculture in the U.S. with adequate funding.

American Farmland Trust, California Coalition for Food and Farming and many other organizations have alerted us that the budget is the first -- and in some respects the most critical -- step in the Farm Bill campaign. The Congressional Budget Office has proposed funding that is insufficient for our needs. Without more adequate resources via the budget resolution, new Farm Bill provisions for conservation, rural development, research, organics, beginning farmers, and community food security will be very difficult if not impossible to achieve. 

Please urge your Member of Congress and Senator to speak with the House and Senate leadership and Budget Committee members and urge them to increase funding to meet these vital needs of our agriculture.

Take Action Today  to ensure that there is sufficient funding authorized in the 2007 Farm Bill to protect our environment, achieve energy independence and ensure sustainable, healthy food to all Americans.

Thank you!

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here