PAN ALERT:Tell EPA No! on “Chrome 6”

EPA is considering registering acid copper chromate (ACC) as a wood preservative and replacement for arsenic wood treatments, for unrestricted residential, school, and playground uses across the U.S. ACC is made from hexavalent chromium or "Chrome 6," a known human carcinogen and drinking water contaminant. Chrome 6 was made infamous by the lawsuit brought by Erin Brockovich and the movie about the case, and is linked to health problems including kidney and liver damage, birth defects, and skin ulcers.

Take Action Now! Tell U.S. EPA to deny the registration ACC.

If ACC is allowed for use, millions of children will be exposed to this cancer-causing chemical when they come into contact with playground equipment, picnic tables, decks, or other treated surfaces. Safer alternatives to this dangerous chemical are widely available and already in use. Our children are just as vulnerable to cancer-causing chromium leaching from playground equipment and picnic tables as they are to arsenic, which EPA recently banned as a health threat. Replacing one deadly poison with another makes no sense. But the chromium industry and their lobbyist, former Senator Bob Dole, are pressuring EPA to approve ACC by January 20, 2007.

Please contact EPA immediately and urge them to deny the registration of this cancer causing wood treatment chemical. Thank you!

Beyond Pesticides:

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