PAN ALERT: Tell your Senators to protect organic and family farming!

Thanks to your tremendous outpouring of phone calls and emails last month, organic agriculture won significant victories in the Senate Agriculture Committee's recent redraft of the Farm Bill. It is changes like these that can help farmers abandon fumigants and other hazardous pesticides.

Yet the proposed Bill still privileges corporate mega-farms over small-scale family farms. Over the next few days, the Senate will debate this critical legislation that could drastically affect the future of our food supply. This is your chance to demand federal agricultural programs that are better for you and our planet.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Ask your Senators to support good language in the Farm Bill and change the bad!

Good things we've won so far: new funding to help farmers transition to organic production and more research support; good language clarifying country of origin labeling; and great progress in restoring competition to livestock markets.

What needs your help: support for beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers; technical assistance to farmers transitioning to organic; a cap on the amount of money any one farm can receive (along with fair price policies and establishment of strategic grain reserves); stronger competition reforms of the livestock market.

Tell your Senators to do the right thing - Demand federal agricultural programs that serve all of us better!

Please take a moment to personalize the following letter to your Senator -- even just a few introductory words at the start of the letter makes a tremendous difference.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here