PAN ALERT: And AGAIN, please support AB 1530 to prevent pesticide poisoning

Last week we asked you to support Assembly Bill 1530 through the California Senate's Environmental Quality Committee. Many of you did, and the bill made it through! Now it is on to the Senate Health Committee for consideration on Wednesday, July 11. We again need your help get it through.

Act Now! Email members of the Senate Health Committee, and urge him to support AB 1539 when the committee meets on July 11.

To review: California's cholinesterase medical supervision program was implemented more than 30 years ago to test and help protect pesticide handlers from poisoning by neurotoxic organophosphate and carbamate pesticides. Unfortunately, the program does not include a requirement for reporting test results to any state agency. Without reporting, we have no information on whether it initiates workplace review or actually prevent pesticide poisoning.

AB 1530, co-sponsored by Pesticide Action Network, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles and United Farm Workers of America, aims to improve the cholinesterase program by requiring labs that conduct relevant testing for pesticide exposure to report test results to appropriate regulatory agencies, allowing the agencies to conduct program evaluation and oversight and prevent poisoning.

Send your email as soon as possible! Help get AB 1530 through the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, July 11, and on to the full Senate.

Note: sometimes email to one or more decision makers bounces--systems fail or are changed without notice, but we do our best to get your messages through.

For More Information about AB 1530:

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