PAN ALERT: Protect Oregon School Children from Pesticide Drift

Federal and state laws require no-spray buffer zones for streams that provide salmon habitat. But there is no protective buffer zone for children! Just as a salmon needs protection so does a child.

Oregon Senate Bill 20, introduced by Senator Vicki Walker and Representative Paul Holvey, will protect children from pesticide drift by establishing one-mile and half-mile buffer zones around public schools, parks and daycare centers.

Take action now! Send an email to the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee members and your legislator before April 30.

The proposed buffer zone will apply to application of pesticides, including aerial, dusting, airblast applications, manual, or backpack methods. School districts will also be notified of aerial spray operations occurring within five miles of a school. The bill would allow exceptions for vector control for infestation or disease prevention, and spraying as a part of an integrated pest management program.

Pesticide drift is like secondhand cigarette smoke - the user gets a quick benefit, but as pesticides drift away from the source, they can expose vulnerable and unsuspecting people to hazardous air pollutants that harm health.

Please send this email today. The following email letter will go to the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee members, your senator and representative, and other key legislators.

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